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Federazione delle Amicizie Ebraico Cristiane

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The Associazione Amicizia Ebraico Cristiana was born out of a vast movement of opinion which developed in Europe after the tragic events of World War II. A major proponent of dialogue between Jews and Christians as well as a source for inspiration is the Jewish historian Jules Isaac who authored the famous book “Jesus and Israel”, and who promoted the founding of Jewish-Christian friendships and fighting anti-Semitism.

Of significant importance to the development of Jewish-Christian dialogue and to the foundation of our organization was the declaration of Nostra Aetate in 1965, made as part of the Second Vatican Council. Following the declaration of Nostra Aetate came the removal of the phrase “perfidious Jews”, which had previously been part of the Catholic liturgy.

The first "Hebrew-Christian Friendship" was born in Lyon, France in 1942. In Italy, a similar institution was founded in Florence in 1950, thanks to the efforts of Giorgio La Pira and Jules Isaac. A second Italian friendship institution was founded in Rome in 1982, a third in Turin in 1986 and a fourth in Naples in 1987. They later formed the AEC of Ancona, Forlì, Udine and Cuneo. Since 1988, these institutions are gathered in a Federation that is affiliated with the ICCJ. 

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Cuneo, CN, 12100 , Piedmont, Italy (every 4 years it changes location)  to MONASTERO  SAN BIAGIO  -  MADONNA DELLA FIDUCIA  via Morozzo n. 43 MONDOVI' (CUNEO) ITALY
President for the next 4 years: MD Joseph Moschella – Corso Giovanni Giolitti n. 30 12100 CUNEO tel: 0039.3333329511.



Which audiences do you work towards?
Academics; Grassroots; Young professionals; Retired professionals; Clergy; Students.

How often does your organization meet?
Three times per year.

Events regularly sponsored by your organization:
1.    Meeting of Camaldoli in December
2.    January 17th Meeting between Jews and Christians
3.    Holocaust Memorial Day in January

Does your organization have any regular publications (in print or online)?    

AEC President Dr Giuseppe Moschella with  Judith Banki


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Dr. Giuseppe Moschella

Briefly describe your organization’s relationship to the ICCJ:
We have been present at the Annual Conferences since 2008; to Berlin we sent a delegation of Italian AEC members and we also had a large representation at the 2015 Rome conference.

What is the greatest challenge your organization faces at the moment?
It is necessary to translate the ICCJ website to Italian with the assistance of the Italian members of the AEC.

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