May 2019: A Christian-Jewish Encounter in Warsaw

From the 19th to the 21st of May there will be a meeting of activists in Interfaith Work in Warsaw, Poland. The meeting, by invitation only, was organized by Carolyn Manosevitz, director of the fund for interfaith understanding, under the title: CONVERSATIONS WITH THE OTHER. There will be some 20 delegates from the U.S., Australia, Poland, Germany and Czech Republic. Eva Schulz-Jander will be attending as a representative of the Friends and Sponsors of the Martin Buber House. Rabbi Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of Poland and Archbishop Rys of Poland will be among the lecturers. It will be a two-day meeting with lectures and discussion groups held at the Nozyk Synagogue.

Friends & Sponsors

Association of Friends & Sponsors

The Association of the FRIENDS AND SPONSORS OF THE MARTIN BUBER HOUSE supports the local cultural and scholarly activities of the Martin Buber House and the International Council of Christians and Jews, whose main office is located in the Martin Buber House. They receive our support for their world-wide engagement in interfaith dialogue, the struggle against antisemitism, xenophobia and prejudice.

Our focus lies on ICCJ’s Young Leadership Council (YLC) and their extensive projects, thus investing in the future of the ICCJ.

The Association of the Friends and Sponsors was founded in 1984 to give individuals the unique opportunity to participate in the regional and world-wide work of the ICCJ.

Through your membership you can help us as an individual to fulfill our promise, given 70 years ago, to make the world a better place to live in.
  Dr Eva Schulz-Jander

  Vice President:
  Rev. Peter A. Pettit, PhD

  Association Secretary:
  Petra Grünewald-Stangl

  Michael Korn


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